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Jim Schneider

Jim is a senior level petroleum geologist.  His career began in 1975 with Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline as a staff geologist working south Louisiana onshore and offshore.  Detailed field studies and F.E.R.C. (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) filings in Washington D.C. were initial job duties.  Having a passion for exploration, he later joined American Petrofina Co. of Texas working south Louisiana and Texas.  The strong desire for “hands on” prospecting, led Jim to join several small independents throughout his early career.  With a focus on southeast Louisiana, he joined L&T Exploration, Energy Development Corporation, Meridian Oil & Gas,  Universal Seismic, Tema O & G.   The large, Miocene oil fields of southeast Louisiana provided unlimited opportunities for field prospecting.  Later self-generated projects were assembled and leased with Schneider & Coffey and Veraison Energy LP, and now TerraFina Energy LLC.


Currently, Jim continues to generate projects utilizing a career of log analysis, 2D and 3D seismic, reserve estimate procedures and regional mapping.  Current projects include shallow oil stratigraphic traps in Texas and close in low risk drilling ventures. 

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