Current Operations 

TerraFina Energy has operated in Zavala, Frio, Colorado, LaSalle, McMullen, DeWitt and Live Oak counties in Texas.  We are actively pursuing additional prospects in South Texas.  




Byrd A1H & B2H

TerraFina Energy purchased this lease in early 2018.  Both wells were drilled to the Buda and each has a horizontal leg.  Work will begin immediately to replace the lift system from a pumpjack to gas lift. 



Good No. 1


On June 1, 2014, TerraFina Energy took over the operation of the Good No. 1 in Frio County.  This 120 acre lase consists of one well with two lateral lines; one in the Upper Austin Chalk and the second in the Lower Austin Chalk. 



Dlugosch #1 & #2 


TerraFina Energy began operating the Dlugosch wells in August 2015.  The Dlugosch wells are located in DeWitt County, Texas. on 174 acres  This lease consists of two completed wells.


The Sanger Heirs

The Sanger Heirs is located in Live Oak County, Texas.  The Sanger produced more than $1MM in revenue to the working interest investors in slightly over a year.  Conservative reservoir and behind pipe estimates exceed 2.5Bcf of natural gas and 150,000 barrels of condensate.