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Investment Opportunities 

If you would like additional information on any of our planned projects we would ask that you sign a confidential agreement or NDA and we will forward a complete package for your review.  

Zavala County, Texas

TerraFina Energy currently has the exclusive right to purchase an oil and gas asset in Zavala County, Texas.  The offering consists of two drilled and complete, however not producing wells.  Each well was drilled in the Buda with a horizontal leg.  The project geologist believes the reason the wells have not produce is that they are gas locking.  His assessment of the situation is the pumpjack on the wells is too large and is causing a “gas bubble” downhole that is the lack of consistent production.  The two offset wells to the north and west have produced 160,000 in 20 months (266BOPD) and 193,000 in 23 months (280BOPD).  These well should perform at a similar level.  The lease is fully equipped with about $1,000,000 in equipment.  


In addition to the existing wells, we would also purchase a second lease and drill two additional Buda wells; each with a horizontal leg.   TerraFina had developed a Three-Phase plan, and based on production of 100BOPD at $50.00 investors should have a payback in less than a year.  Additional revenue would be generated from your exit strategy making this potentially very profitable investment. 

This is a very brief summary of the prospect and if you are interested in learning more I would ask that you sign our NDA and I would be happy to send you the complete package. 

Webb County, Texas

The prospect consists 941 acres and would be completed in two phases.  Phase 1 is a re-entre opportunity. This will be the first operation recommended.  Phase 2 will be the drilling opportunities to test and produce the Yegua, Queen City and Upper Wilcox formations.  These formations have a good production history in this portion of Webb County


Production History

 There were 19 productive Upper Wilcox Formation wells that produced 22,431,677 BCF of gas and 722,421 B.O. out of 11 Wilcox Zones. The 19 wells, which comprise this field, averaged 1.18 BCF of gas and oil 38,421 BO per well. 


There are 7 Yegua Formation wells that produced out of at least one Yegua zone in the field.  The field produced 522,214 BO and 200,509 mcf of gas out of three zones.  These are the Yegua F, Yegua G and Yegua H intervals.  The production numbers show an average of 74,602 BO and 28,644 mcf of gas per well.

Gonzales County, Texas

This is a strong candidate for our second project together.  While we are still pulling together all the data together, this will provide you a good starting point. The lease is currently held by a large operator and they are at risk of loosing it.  If it goes back to the mineral owner we are in a good position to acquire it; with your backing. 


The lease consists of over 10,000 acres.  There are 30 existing wells that will require work.  Most (10+ wells) should be able to be brought back for approximately $20,000.00.  Those requiring major work we should be able to complete for $100,000.00, and still fewer may  require new laterals.  Most wells are producing from the Austin Chalk.  I believe there is one Buda well.  There is a SWD well located on the lease, and I understand we would also acquire the Eagle Ford wells on the property.  The offset Eagle Ford wells are producing 400-600BOPD.  

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