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Tommy Clark not only grew up in the oilfield he built his career from the floor up as a floor hand on a drilling rig.    He worked his way through numerous positions to the position of Driller when he stepped out to begin his own company; T&L Production.  T&L Production performed contract pumper or gauging as well as Roustabout services throughout the East Texas oilfields.  When Panola College began offering certifications in the energy sector T&L Production offered an internship to their students for hands-on oilfield experience.


Tommy is what we call a “well-whisper”.  He listens to the well to determine how many hours a day, and how many days a week it should produce to maximize production.  It is a skilled art of finding just the right combination.  This gift has taken a 50Mcf/day well to a 200Mcf/day well. 



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