"This is my third career.  Each has been highly rewarding, but nothing has been as challenging or more enjoyable than as a Texas oil operator."
oil operator
"It doesn't matter where you came from it's...where are you going" - Bobby Bones
                            DWTS Season 27 Champ

Marsha Hendler is the President and CEO of TerraFina Energy, a Texas independent oil company.  It wasn't as much that Hendler found the oil industry; instead, it found her.  As the Eagle Ford Shale boom hit Texas, Hendler was enthralled in her marketing firm and began to represent operators and service companies that were joining the boom.  The more she learned the more she wanted to know and soon she found herself completely enthralled in the industry.  With urging from several wildcatters and operator's she soon found herself applying for her operator's license with the Texas Railroad Commission, and TerraFina Energy was born.  

Through long hours...many of them under the hot Texas summer sun, Hendler learned, and continues to learn, the  oil business.  "People talk about the glass ceiling, and I certainly experienced it from time to time in my previous corporate life, but I've never seen it in the oil field.  From day one it was clear to me there was no glass ceiling and my only limitations would be my own reluctance and nothing more.  This is a great industry.  I am now focused on building the largest woman owned independent oil company in Texas. "  


"The success of TerraFina Energy   could not have happened as quickly as it has without the support of so many wonderful mentors whom I lovingly refer to as my Bubba's."   They were the first to recognize the burn within me and to encourage me to become an oil operator.  Actually it was more like, “say little girl, I’ve been watching you and you get this business.  You should become an oil operator.” 


"I've been asked a number of time if I am the first woman operator in Texas and the answer is certainly not.  I do believe however, that I am the first operator - man or woman - with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management," remarked Hendler.   "My first career was in the hospitality industry and I am learning every day how it has prepared me for responding to land and mineral owners.  It's just like taking care of a hotel guest."     

Hendler has always been an active in San Antonio serving on a number of local Board of Directors including the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and the Association for the United States Army.  At the request of Mayor Julian Castro, Ms. Hendler serves as a member of the City of San Antonio’s Airport Advisory Commission.   She is an active member with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, the South Texas Wildcatters, and the South Texas Women's Energy Network.  Hendler was inducted into the Order of the Cascaron; the highest honor given to Fiesta volunteers, and is active with the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo's International Committee, and a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  In November 2013, Hendler was inducted into the University of Houston's College of Hotel and Restaurant Management distinguished alumni organization, Eric's Club.