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David Pawelek

David Pawelek received his degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and immediately headed for where the action was…the Williston Basin.  Working for Oasis Petroleum, David oversaw drilling operations and helped run a 16+ rig program.  He supervised daily operations, created directional plans, drilling procedures, and anti-collision reports, handled rig schedules, and worked with regulatory agencies.  David would move to the Powder River Basin to work for SM Energy where he served as an onsite Company Man and directional driller. As a drilling engineer, he planned the daily operations and supported the rigs drilling Frontier wells.  He would run drilling programs in the Bakken and Three Forks. David would help to develop a rotary steerable program in the vertical and curve in the Powder River Basin.  As a Production Engineer for SM Energy, David managed 115+ well fields outside Williston ND, helped the company divest 76,000 net acres, and ran a 16 well P&A program. 

 Most recently David served as CEO for Creative Oil and Gas operating 110 wells in the Giddings Field and Bigfoot Field managing the operating company and drilling and completion programs.

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